If you come seeking wisdom, I am sorry, but wisdom can’t and won’t be given in this blog. I’m kidding. One of my most important goals in life is to cater to the needs — emotional needs of people. By that, I mean hurting their feelings.

I always try to do the aforementioned within the scope of my pertinent vocabulary. A vocabulary, which should not be close to being comprehended by an average 17 year old. I know what you’re thinking, “…since when was I AVERAGE?”

That being said, from this moment on, from this day to the many, many days to come, I will be your inner voice’s best friend. Come on, I know you’re still reading this with the aid of the voice within your subconscious.

I bring to you, Lifely Things.

Oh, did I mention that my name is Arly? Nice to meet you too.